GALLERY is Defibrillator performance art gallery at 1463 W Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60642 , Noble Square with the bull’s head at the top of the building
ELECTRODE WINDOW GALLERY is the front display window at Defibrillator used for durational work viewed from the street.
HUB is located at 1130 W Chicago Ave (formerly UpGrade Cycle) used as a temporary space for RAPID PULSE Discourse and as a platform for fellowship, and exchange.
OFFSITE will include public locations near to the gallery, to be announced later on the website and social media.
DEFIBRILLATOR GALLERY is located 1463 WEST CHICAGO AVENUE in the NOBLE SQUARE neighborhood, just east of ASHLAND at GREENVIEW on the south side of the street. We are a nine minute walk west from the Chicago Stop on the Blue Line Train or westbound Bus #66 lets off just across the street . PARKING is easy to find on Noble, Armour, Bishop and many of the small streets in the area (free and not permitted!). If you do PAY TO PARK, consider downloading this app so you can extend your meter via phone: