Performing offsite, “LEVITATION” is about finding a mental and physical point of levitation
using an element from nature, the body, and opposing colors.

THU 04 JUNE part of the evening program offsite at TBA

ADAM GRUBA (POLAND) is widely understood intermedia art in their actions by using elements of performance, video, object, text. Uses performance as a way to link all of the “all” based on the ever created – new versions of philosophy – adjusting it according to their own rules for the presentation of the areas between the image and the reason. Uses reducing the image aesthetics at the expense of the intellectual dimension which is of the greatest significance in showing the operation in the process. His actions show the fine line between art and life, creation, and reality. Breaking the conventions of trying to use it against each other, making sure that it is possible. Realized his concepts and ideas, performance and video, among others in Poland, Germany, USA, Israel, Spain, Australia, Hungary, Indonesia, Canada, Benin, Norway, Lithuania, Switzerland, Finland and the United Kingdom.