SAT 13 JUNE at 4 in the Electrode Window Gallery

FRANCIS MARION MOSELEY WILSON (US) is a performance artist currently based in Ohio, USA. She received a Bachelor’s of Music from Oberlin Conservatory in Oberlin, Ohio, and her Master’s in Contemporary Performance from Brunel University, London. She has performed internationally in Oberlin, New York, London, Berlin, and Chicago. While her background is originally in music and digital performance, she is also a trained taxidermist currently working on how to incorporate taxidermy into live art.

Artist Statement:
Francis Marion Moseley Wilson is currently interested in the intersection between animal death and anthropomorphism as it relates to human views on wild animals, pets, and animal-shaped toys. She uses her skills as a trained taxidermist to create live art that is part ancient craft, part death ritual, and part child-like play.

Ethics Statement:
Francis is committed to ethical practices in her use of animal bodies for performance. All animal bodies have died from natural or unpreventable causes and have either been found or donated. She does not support the killing of animals for the sole use of performance; her interest is in the craft of taxidermy, not hunting or trapping.