Performing in the gallery, the artist will be creating a site-specific object
which functions as stage, costume, and even, perhaps, performer.

FRI 12 JUNE part of the evening program at Defibrillator Gallery

JULIE POTRATZ (CHICAGO) is an artist whose performances, videos, and celebrity impersonations, take a phenomenological look at what it means to inhabit a body. With excesses of material, drama, and grotesque cartoons, she slips between the fantastical and the everyday, while continually undergoing physical and psychological transformations. Potratz received her MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2014. Her work has been exhibited at Gallery 400, Chicago, IL, Deitch Projects, New York, NY, The Paragraph, Kansas City, MO, Roots and Culture, Chicago, IL, and Falmouth University in Cornwall, U.K.