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Poetry Response to Maryam Taghavi

by Nabeela Vega

Struck Me
She spoke of Translation
and I wonder what she
means by the words
A different kind of
when she
communicates softness
The sensation of tongue
across stories of holding
through transparency
Quiet shifts between
orientalist and rose tinted lenses
When I hit your gaze

Maryam Taghavi Struck Maryam Taghavi

graphics by Nabeela Vega
Nabeela Vega is a South Asian gender/queer media artist with an interest in creative organizing. Their expressions utilize photography, performance and moving image to explore post 9/11 narratives that intersect with South Asian diasporic experiences. Their work has been exhibited nationally, internationally & in publications like The Boston Globe, The Washington Post & The Aerogram. Vega is creator of VIX: Virtual International Exchange & 1/2 of RQP: Radical Queer Possibilities.
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