WED 03 JUNE starting at 1pm in the Window
THU 04 JUNE starting at 11am in the Window

SARA MORAWETZ’S (AUSTRALIA|US) practice is an exploration of the processes that underpin scientific action and how these concepts can be leveraged through artistic inquiry. Interested in the ’Scientific Method’ and its philosophical implications, her work is devised to test and expose the internal processes of methodological labor – employing systems, actions and processes to reveal the exhaustive, the obsessive, the poetic and the absurd — all inherent within scientific endeavor. Sara is a PhD candidate at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney and an Australian Postgraduate Award recipient.

INSTRUCTION EXPERIMENT: ACTION // REACTION is a participatory performance that invites both a physical and virtual audience to send the artist instructions // actions // things to do that she will enact // interpret // subvert within the space of the gallery. Equipped with a selection of standard art supplies and office materials, the artist is tasked with performing as many of the submitted instructions as possible, with the evidence of each action being visually recorded in the space as well as documented via social media. This study of method and observation treats each action as an experimental test, aiming to expose patterns, processes and an embedded methodology in the artists own practice. Instructions can be submitted to the artist via her website (, Twitter (@sarablue), Instagram (@sara_blue) or in person during RAPID PULSE.

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