Performing offsite, “THE AMAZÔNIA IS NOT HERE: 645 Bullets” is about Amazon land disputes between indians, landowners and people from different regions of Brazil who are searching in the forest for subsistence.

FRI 12 JUNE at 7 off site, as part of the evening’s program

VICTOR de la ROCQUE (BRAZIL) is a multimedia artist who communicate between performance and its expansion as a language in development like a path with trace remains. His artistic production emphasizes “the need of uncomfortable” as an instrument to an unveil dialogue between his statement and the audience. This unspoken language can reach the borders of bitterness or even wilderness, an unstable process of everyday life through compositions that reach movies, photography, performance, articles, recipes, installation art, web art and small fragments with no audience. His work has been presented in exhibitions and artistic residence in Brazil as if Portugal, France, Sweden, Mexico and Colombia.